This is like an online notebook, this stuff is not finished or often even started properly.

Shopping Lists / Manifestos

Ideology and survival.  Pragmatism and idealism.  Crumpled in pockets.  Tightly gripped in the hands of a body broken under the wheels of a commuter train or the cogs of a system.  A list of aspirations.  Rubbed thin in nervous anticipation.  Heralded by the anxious rustling of money or the pitter patter of bullets on old walls.  Governments are toppled by the weather not by bullet-points.  Your future is not your future however much you stock up.  A whole century squeezed between two aspirational concepts, stuck in a crevice, gasping for breath, choking on mucus, a manifesto - a shopping list.  Cultures and nations anointed special by the friction of conveyor belts, lauded in tinned goods and cushioned in receipts.  People frogmarched to landfills by assertive ink stains on pieces of paper, justified by repetition.  A consumer, a revolutionary, a manifesto, a shopping list.    

Tresen Libretto

The inside of a thigh, smudged 
Like the black stone in mecca 
Everyone cops a feel
And the world swoons
Chinese whispers spelled out in fag ash and spilled beer
The minor turnings of the earth
Turned over by turncoats
Turn me over and turn me out
Good turn-out tonight 
All the clapping tongues and aching balls
Itching wallets
Scratch an itch, pat a back
Bruise a lip
We’re all one 
Your limbs are my limbs
Your sprains are my heart aches
Sharing shards, nose spikes
Once again, three shots more
Another tale or was it tail?
Time will tell
Tell me the time?
Vorbei mate 
And we all go tumbling to get up
Stumbling down the stairs and into public transport
Our pockets frothing
Personalities fermented
Another night at another bar
The minor turnings of the earth
Turn me on
Turn me off
Turn me down