This is like an online notebook, this stuff is not finished or often even started properly.

The Philosophy Of Self Improvement

governments are toppled by the weather
all of this and more
compare our readings
your beer is getting flat
everything has been pasteurised by the weight of exposure
the thing I don't like about bank charges is that they come with bed bugs and hangovers
concrete between the toes
hard not to keel over
the philosophy of infinity
there is a thing called you
it can be better than it is
there is a thing called better
it feels like an erection
and it will always let you down
the only thing less believable than life is death

you are the one and only
the king of a piss poor realm
you are the one and only
the king of a piss poor realm

all of this and more
looking straight into the eyes of people I like
and seeing only twitching
a rolled heel
spoiled milk
a toe poke in the ribs
they got a pill for that now
all of this and more
The philosophy of self improvement.


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