This is like an online notebook, this stuff is not finished or often even started properly.


The tinnitus in the city is the sound of a thousand put out candles
The scream of stopped watches sliding over the train tracks
The concrete stretching in the shadow
To avoid another day of torture under foot
At night you’ll notice that the buildings lean slightly
All the nub ends cease to burn at 3am
And finally have the decency to die and give birth to clouds
The danger is gone, holed up in peadophiliac backrooms,
Billiard tables on which inky hearts are knocked around by blunted ribs
Brandished like kebab skewers, slashing down the posters
For another fucking rave
Go ahead and drown us in wheat paste
Let the dogs have the doners
Let the cats have the sushi;

Please crack open the main roads I want to see the magma underneath
I want to see this city rebuilt in the image of Babylon

Banish the PR Gurus and Yoga Teachers
Throw the Hippies in a river
Bag and gag the Punks
Put a bullet in the head of every cop and leave breakfast cereal smudged around their mouths
Where are all the fucking bats?

Clone Hitler so we can kick him in the balls
Sieg heil activites!