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That's Buddhism For Ya

When you think about it it’s almost insulting that we try to name it or describe it.

It's insulting that people try to do anything about it and care about it’s outcome in the face of such overwhelming stasis. To call your house, your house or your wife, your wife or even you body, your very cells, yours is a pathetic lie. The only force that has any claim to ownership of anything is time. You’ll spend more time decayed than you will alive and in the grand scheme of things you and all your love ones belong only to time. You don't belong to or with each other; you may be married for fifty years but time knew the particles that made up your love of fifty years before you did and it will observe them long after. Even space must secede to time. Now I know this has been an adolescent sub nietzchean rant but I hope it’s persuaded you that C.V your so in need of off me is a fucking irrelevance as is your entire body, life and thoughts. Your carefully shaved face will end up worm munch whatever you do so why bother? You are a shimmering irrelevance basking in ignorance and I hate you. I don’t mean why move. Infact the opposite, I mean why ever stop moving? Oh I know it’s relative, but I’m thinking relatively. I mean instead of comparing my longevity to a healthy human I’ve chosen cot death as my peer group, I’m a fucking one of a kind, a walking talking 20 year old cot death so fuck off.

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