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The Day Dream Is Over wake the fuck up.

If there is one thing that the phone hacking scandal has taught us it is that truth is almost entirely absent from the total narrative of the mass media, and that corruption is not only a product but a necessity of power and that any residual left over feeling that the old orders were dead is gone, it’s business as usual for the old etonians et al just as it it for the lads smashing up the phonebox outside my window as I write. Today the Sun ran with the headline that Norway had experienced it’s own 9/11 and now was the time to crack down on Islamism, the narrative is lazy and badly written as reliant on cliches and diminished audience expectation as hollywood tripe. What the whole news of the world hacking scandal tells us really is that truth and reality were com-modified a long time ago like the in the very way that the verite aesthetic has bled into mainstream cinema and television providing the special entertainment hit that only truth can, that the mainstream media has also distilled truth into something it can easily provide and recycle, the footballer coked up and fucking prostitutes, this type of reporting is essentially the industrialisation of narrative and truth the increasingly canny reporters working overtime to reduce the great buzz of existence into popular melodies, structures we can easily recognise and consume. Homogenising storytelling in the same manner corporatism would homogenise every aspect of the world, what use is something if we cannot target it at a particular audience and predict it’s future success. Living on a wave of speculation we have devalued truth and immediacy and left reality a vague concept clung to by the old and dying. One day everything will function like an addictive substance, because for speculative investment that is the greatest model, the weapon with which to destroy everything. The encouragement of voyeurism and the devalued expectation of the audience of us of the inhabitants of the planet and the inheritors of history has gone so far that the society of spectacle would be too grand a phrase for what we live in for it is not a spectacle it is the theatre of the mundane, they are selling us that which we already possess a peephole into our neighbours houses, the gossip of the village pub but falsified and entrapped in order to assure it’s steady flow irrelevant of it’s reality and so it’s fundamental truth the logic of its action. So again to the Sun headline, News International could not recognise the atrocities committed in Norway for what they really are, news, real important vital and relevant as a real event the murders are assured their place in the global narrative they are by the very nature of being real in possession of logic of being the end result of some narrative algorithm but maybe not one set in motion or under the control of the mainstream media, so the impulse, the gut reaction is to slot them into a pre existing narrative, Islamic terrorism something the audience expect regardless of the knock on damage such mis reporting and lazy narrativising has. The wheel of life rolls in circles, in the age of speculation we are have lived through two decades that were essentially a daydream of the late seventies, a mere speculative imagining of what could come with no solid reason for this dream to become solid and absolute, now we are back in reality let’s not start day dreaming again.

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