This is like an online notebook, this stuff is not finished or often even started properly.

Here Comes The Avalanche.

Death to bingo wings and retirement spent on fags and red wine and missed mornings and migraines and your children hiding from your smell of soot. Here comes the avalanche, the ghosts of milkmen the silence of the factories waiting for this well housed street to be flooded or burnt down, waiting for war, waiting for the return of heroes, waiting for tradition and rebellion. Death to wishing for black and white, death to wishing for brown, death to wishing and wishing for death. Death to gods and myths, death to industry and working your hands to the bone, smoking bones. Death to flowers. Make your bed out of cardboard and wake up somewhere new. Women smoking, men hiding, kids dreaming. Here comes the avalanche.

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  1. works much better as a block. don't know why.
    words showing solidarity with each other, perhaps.

    and this and that and the other
    and another. and another "and"
    and it looks better like this
    than like that. and

    and this
    and that
    and the other
    and other.
    and another "and"